Annares Dhamma


My friend Bregman had just finished his first Vipassana course. I drove out to the desert to see him and hear his tales of surviving what can be a harrowing encounter with one's own mind. He told me the usual: pains, sadness, wanting to quit, moments of elation, intensely personal stuff. But after the 4 hour download, as I was driving away in the parking lot, he hollered to me on last exhortation: "You have to read The Dispossessed!"

Now I'm not one for science fiction. But something about this rang true for me. So I bought a copy from Amazon soon after. I was gobsmacked right from the first chapter, when Shevek enters a 10-day quarantine, just like a 10-day Vipassana course, a quarantine for the mind.

I raced through it and upon conclusion, I thought to myself "I have to write the soundtrack to this book!"

It's certainly not a pure chapter-for-chapter audio match to the writing. A lot of the music is just my own subjective personal connection to the bits that I liked in the book. The opening scene, the quanrantine, the feeling of the desert and making do with little, the idea of anarchy. The most important connection I made reading it was how similar the moon politics were to those that run a Dhamma Center, which when you think about it, is quite anarchic.